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Finance Club

Why Finance Club?

In India, financial literacy is limited to certain section of the people, would like to play a leading role by having association with the industry experts who can share their knowledge to general public in order to increase the literacy level and increase the investment population ratio in India. The club will act as professional way, not only to enhance the knowledge level it would like to create new investors by conducting awareness programs like financial events, seminars and various workshops in schools, colleges, institutions and for general public. The club will play a catalyst role to increase the investor level of understanding in respect of any investments.

Who Can Become Member of Finance Club?

Professionals like Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates, Tax Consultant, Business Consultant, Investment Consultant, Investment Advisor, Auditing Firm, Legal Services Firm, PR Listed companies of NSE/BSE, Non Listed Companies, Retired Government Officials from Statutory and Regulatory authority, Retired IAS,IRS,IFS,IPS, Banks, Mutual Fund Houses, Insurance Private and Public Sector Companies,Students,College Professors and other Financial related service oriented people.

How Members can contribute their knowledge and services for other Club Members?

All Members are free to express their knowledge and they can share their experience related to finance industry of National and International events and development. They can take part in any events conducted by Club for knowledge sharing or knowledge gaining. Individual Members can avail services of experts on one to one basis to improve their skills or any business activity. Corporate and Public Relation firms can share their Business development and financial data’s relevant to individuals for their Investment Decision.

What benefit Member’s can get out of Finance Club?

This movement will create benefit to all section of the people, “It is next to our heart, when we deal with money” the utmost care and understanding will be given for the beginners as well the experienced people of this industry. All the club members can use the online facility for interaction and knowledge sharing as well the club has created the facility to test their knowledge through simulated model investment portfolio without any cost on real time basis.

Procedure to become Member of Finance Club

It is very simple procedure; you can login and register your details in our portal you will be provided with User ID and Temporary Password. We will provide you the facility of providing your financial experience, events conducted by you, financial data’s, Business Development Information any other information related to finance field which will create value for you and others.

Individual Enrollment Form

Corporate Enrollment Form

Consulting Firm Enrollment Form

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